Rolfo Plastic Gall produces isothermal panels available in assembly kits for any type of van, from the commercial vehicle or specific use to the semi-trailer 13,60. We also produce "custom-made" truck vans on request by the customer. Thanks to the experience of our staff we can offer to the customer a specific product and all the advice and training necessary for the assembly of the kit in Europe and in every other part of the world.

Moreover, Rolfo Plastic Gall can offer a complete service, if necessary, also for the shipment of the kits by sea, by land or by air and of all Customs operations.


The only set of isothermal panels is supplied to the customer: floor, roof, sides, front head and doors. No accessories are provided.


In the case of a complete kit, we provide the customer in addition to the panels:

  • Stainless steel back rear frame assembled with installed doors fitted with stainless steel closures and hinges
  • Simply and quick assembly system
  • External edge covers in aluminum (white or anodised)
  • Indoor LED ceiling lights
  • Assembly glue and sealant for finishes

Furthermore, we can offer COMPLETE KITS with different levels of preassembly based on the specific needs of the customer.

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