Our history

Rolfo Plastic Gall was officially born in 2007 from the union of the synergies of the Refrigeration Division of Rolfo spa and Plastic Gall. Both companies with an enormous know-how on the isothermal product.

Plastic Gall has been one of the pioneering companies in Europe in the sector and already began in the '50s the production of isothermal panels in fiberglass and polyurethane that know in a few years an extraordinary success.

The Company for many years turns out to be a cornerstone of this type of production, failing to reach absolute levels of quality in the production of equipment and isothermal vehicles.

Rolfo spa, was founded in 1885 and is the oldest italian company in the trailers and semi-trailers sector. Following the Second World War, the Rolfo family has the great intuition to anticipate the needs of a booming transport market. In the '60s, Rolfo spa began producing in its Bra (CN) plant, in addition to trailers and "generic" equipment, increasingly specific vehicles: livestock transport, special vehicles and car transport.

In the 70’ it  decides to expand the portfolio of products available with the start of production of fittings and refrigerated vehicles.

Furthermore, it is decided to concentrate technical resources and financial investments on those product lines that are more likely to expand. The Isothermal Division and the Car Transport. The production lines and plants are then renewed. In these years, Rolfo began to explore the European markets such as Germany, France and Austria.

In the 80 and 90, albeit with periods of severe crisis in the metal sector, we continue with the expansion of the company, also in new markets such as English and Spanish. Thanks to the company's ability to develop new and increasingly performing projects in all sectors, especially in the automotive sector, Rolfo spa places its plants in France and Argentina.

In the first years of the new Millennium, therefore, Rolfo spa and Plastic Gall decided to join forces in such a way that the great tradition, the potential and the technical skills of Plastic Gall can be exploited to the maximum, thanks to the modern industrial plant of Rolfo spa.